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Vilnius Old Town Apartment by Form Studio


Apartment is located near the old city of Vilnius, Lithuania. Location helped to determine interior style which is mix of modern classic and minimalism.

Minimalism dictates function and proportion, shape and materials, hence it was aiming to find such modern classic elements which would suit with minimalism principle. It was chosen to combined neutral colors and basic shapes with elegant elements such as velours fabric, wall molding and bronze details.

Interior design task – make a project of apartment for a temporary accommodation, hence the aim was to create a large space leaving just one wardrobe in L shape hallway which is hidden under wooden strips and merge with a wall decorated with the same wooden details. This wooden details effect was designed with the purpose to make wardrobe invisible in space and protect wall from wear.

Project: Flat “Vertical Rhythm” Year: 2019; Stage: Realized; Location: Vilnius, Lithuania; Area: 65kv.m; Project author: Laura Krivienė – Form Studio; Photo by: Leonas Garbačauskas;