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Interdio Turned a Small Apartment into a Stylish and Comfortable Dwelling


Interior designer Beata Senkevic from Interdio Design Studio ones again shows a mastership with turning a small urban apartment into a stylish and comfortable dwelling with that special wink of cheerful magic. The apartment may not have a master bedroom (because small urban apartments are not generous in space). Still, it compensates with a beautiful view towards a natural park, which is thoroughly utilized by the space’s long and narrow decor configuration.

Creativity is needed to turn a challenging space flow into a functional, stylish, and comfortable home, and that is precisely what the design team achieved here.

The clever and unique introduction of a bed space has turned the disadvantages (lack of separate room for it) into an artistic installation, creating the unique charm of the home. The bed is hidden behind a partial wall on the back of the sofa, and a circular insertion (repeated into infinity by the mirror with the same shape on the opposite wall) gives light and airflow to the cozy bed-zone.

That way, the small, private bed area benefits from the view, the natural light, and the extended play of turquoise colors that compose the spine of the decor’s color palette. Signature for the studio mixture of modern, playful, and stylish elements can be observed throughout the interior composition.

A characteristic focal accent becomes the colorful rug that matches the decadent velvet luxury of the sofa in textile and color touches, forming a welcoming luxury nudge. In the bathroom, trendy metro tiles in unusual color cheer up the small space. A “coffee – downtown – stylistic” of the bar surface and iconic chairs composition doubles as a dining space. Trendy appliances, fixtures, and lamps complete the urban stylistic of the place. Photos by Benas Šileika;