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Studio Apartment Under 50sqm by Interdio


This project of Interdio present us with modern urban decor featuring impeccable style and unusual color combinations. The urban signature of the charcoal gray and the entwinement of black and white are softened up by the bold pastels in orange and dusty pink. Those color dualities create such an elegant and spectacular interior that the simple lines and arrangement of furniture and structures is only a bonus to the overall aesthetic. The place falls into the spectrum of clever, small urban dwelling, and its fluid distribution of space is underlined by color accents and custom made structures.

Located in Vilnius, the apartment features an open plan configuration of kitchen corner, breakfast bar, and soft-sitting living room area. The design team used a play of color accents (mainly gray, black and white for the kitchen, and earthly orange accent for the textural setting of the lounge area) to distinguish between functional zones of the home. Modern furniture, iconic lamps, and custom made structures (just check out the stylish yet straightforward bookcase) compose a space with unmistakable urban dynamics and homey touch.

The stylish entwinement of pastels with shades of gray continues throughout the place – the master bedroom is dominated by the dust-pink accent laid on a base of gray (deeper and darker to create a snugly feel). The modern bathroom is also dominated by dark tonalities with a hint of hot, dusty pink. This alternation of gray and pastel is used as a play of wall paint and gives a stylish dynamics to the small space. The orange pastel is used in the sitting zones inviting you for cozy relaxation in both living room zone or small terrace – perfect for a dally drink.

Hot and trendy insertions like the terrazzo cladding in the kitchen corner, the iconic laps or bathroom appliances give an impeccable taste of modern stylistics to the decor composition. Yet, another example of how simple decor tricks and stylish selection of furniture, materials, and colors can create a beautiful home no matter its urban and dense location. Photos by Jevgenija Žukova;