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Kilo/Honč Turns Attic Apartment into Generous, Functional Modern Home


Complete reconstruction of old space in Bratislava, Slovakia turns this attic apartment into generous, functional modern home with luminous ambiance and playful design created by Kilo/Honč studio. The house is located in the historic neighborhood from the 1950-s and transforming the attic space into a home of five was a challenge for modern design; flexible separation of functions, extra and hidden storage compartments, fluid motion and distribution of movement and light.

Those are the hallmarks of the dynamic decor configuration created by the designers. Living room, kitchen, dining room, games room, reading room, and music room … Everything is one multipurpose space – modifiable and transparent. This generous social zone configuration entwines a light color palette (mainly white and pastels) with abundant usage of organic wooden elements. From the gorgeous herringbone parquet, through furniture details, to the exposed ceiling beams under the sloped attic roof (covered with clever skylight gazing’s, we may add) – those wooden touches give center to the lightness. The ceiling beams host not only trendy iconic lamps but also a very felicitous and fashionable insertion – a suspended gym rings – providing a home gym for a dynamic family, something we observe is quite popular in modern decor projects.

Apart from the wooden beauty dominating the design configuration another trendy and hot on modern design scene material makes a starring appearance in this family nest – the micro tile cladding is featured here not only in the bathrooms, in its double color composition, but it also clad the hallway and stairs giving it a playful and artistic expression. The rose petal pink color of the tiles corresponds with the graphic motive of the carpet in the living room area, giving continuity to the color selection. And the last strong material accent chosen by the designers is the exposed brick wall painted white, which hosts the minimalist TV wall configuration with a low cabinet structure. A pure and luminous accent that sits wonderfully under the sloped roof. Photos by Matejovi Hakárovi;