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White Urban Minimalism by Greenbor


This apartment design project, carried out by Greenbor, is a wonderful example of the trend in small urban dwelling to show us how the limited space can be turned into a stylish, functional, and welcoming home, using creative imagination and the trendy guidelines of the modern design scene. White minimalism makes the space appear bigger and pure while generating a luminous feel of lightness.

Cleverly hidden insertions – like the custom-made kitchen corner, which can be hidden or revealed behind flexible white panels, which match the minimalist simplicity of the design idea give a specific identity to the project and confirm our thesis of genial creativity provoked by limited urban spaces. The simplistic lines of the staircase leading to the second level of the mezzanine and to the privet quarters also hide a utilitarian use, doubling as a storage space. Half-wall partition in the open- floor plan exposition of the social zones symbolically separates the kitchen; dining and living room areas from the working corner were two partners’ decks offer comfortable and functional space for work.

The visual division in vertical also straightens the aerial elegance of the interior – suspended furniture elements that do not touch the floor – cabinets and structures – as well as some very strong focal points in the upper half – like the beautiful design of the cloudy lamps – give a balance and extend the visual impact not only in horizontal but in vertical.

This, in combination with the utterly minimalist color palate – only white with very light shades of gray introduced in the floor and textural details- give a spacious feel to this small urban dwelling – a home of a family. On the second level, an elegant bed platform beneath the sloped roofs of the mezzanine level forms a cozy niche for the bed and a level down – a small terrace for a play area.  architects: Andrew & Darya Zhlobich – Greenbor; photo: Alexander Yurchik; location: Borovlyany, Belarus; year: 2018;