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Small Space Project in Brasil by SuperLimão Studio


The decor of Retrofit Apartment prioritized neutral elements and sought to release circulation to the balcony. A wood wardrobe divides the bedroom and living room and, when opened, turns the 50 sq.m apartment into a loft with glass panels throughout, with abundant light and view of the green of the treetops. The apparent concrete and the steel are present, bringing the climate of São Paulo into the property.

Delivered by the unfinished builder and looking to be small, the owner of the apartment had in mind that the project would have to be practical, since the characteristics of the building suggested a tenant with a modern and relaxed profile. Therefore, SuperLimão Studio done a survey about the daily needs of a person who lived there and based on that the project was developed.

With shelves supported by concrete beams and a built-in washer in the closet, the design brings versatility. The objective was to create spaces in which the future inhabitant of the apartment could lay out his story: an adornment, a book, a photograph, giving the design of interiors a little of his personality. Photography: Escanhuela Photo;