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Renovation of a Two Bedroom Apartment in Tel Aviv by Maayan Zusman


Contemporary apartment’s decor with unique, row concrete beams and expressive, trendy features located in the heart of the cultural hub of Tel Aviv – Habima Square. Designed in dynamic collaboration between leading designer Maayan Zusman, architect Amir Navon, interior designer Karen Brockmann and students from Tel Aviv’s graduate design program Studio 6b – the free and modern flow of this two-bedroom apartment is full with trendy elements and custom made features.

The space flow, materials selection, and purpose of premises were almost completely reimagined, so the narrow dark space turned into a luminous and spacious open floor configuration. Most of the elements from the decor were custom designed, and the designers took into the account the fact the owners are a very tall and athletic couple, so slightly different heights for almost every element including kitchen, bed, bathroom cabinets and so on were required.

The row industrial presence of the unfinished cement beam in the center of the contemporary open floor exposition of kitchen, dining, living and working room arrangement is a very characteristic and tone-setting element from the unique design configuration. Its dynamic and no-nonsense emanation continues with the whole color and materials selection of the apartment’s decor and gives a reminder that this dwelling is suited for a dynamic urban lifestyle. The beam also offers a visual separation between the food preparation and consummation zones and the leisure-time living room arrangement that is on the short tangent of the rectangular open-floor arrangement of space. On the vertical – a distinctive floor separation (between gorgeous herringbone parquet and trendy cement flooring) separates the working corner from the rest of the social areas. The working nook space offers a dynamic combination between light, modern simplicity, and elegant and fashionable – a custom made metal shelving and plastically-shaped green char give a focal and color accent.

And speaking of color accents; the elegant simplicity of the apartment’s color palette – mainly soft shades of gray, trendy entwinements of white and black and occasional splashes of cool and unpretentious color- allow the thoughtfully chosen focal centers of textures, shapes, and colors to stand out. That is the case with the beautiful navy blue Handvark modular sofa in the living room. The graphic pattern of the green rug also gives an inviting focal suggestion. The kitchen corner, on the other hand, is decided in mainly neutral colors leaving the black accents and lines to form the graphic visual straight of the décor compositions. Here the black dining table with elegant modern chairs and the two black Ronde pendants by Gubi above it, stand out together with the trendy glass and black metal framed space separation in the far end. The classic detail of the rims on the cabinet doors adds to the elegant overall feel of this corner decor.

The master bedroom and adjoined bathrooms also offer intriguing and elegant decor solutions as well as some noteworthy, custom-made decisions and trendy insertions ( like the transparent connection between bathroom and bedroom premises – glass is a hot detail for the private zones). The color palette is dominated by black and white (including the gorgeous, custom made bed headboard created by black wood), the materials selection is trendy and natural (including cement windows bench – very urban note) and this gives an elegant and fashionable continuity of the decor idea in the private areas as well.

If you are looking for a signature design project that is the epitome of modern elegance and dynamic urban stylistic – that is one of our strongest suggestions. Photos by Itay Benit;