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Foggy Cotton Apartment by Sobo Studio


Called Foggy Cotton this urban dwelling and its elegant decor project in Kiev, Ukraine gives a cozy, light, and welcoming emanation – very suited to its name. The designer Yana Osipenko form Sobo Studio used a light color palate, dominated by various shades of gray and beige with touches of turquoise, to create a fresh and stylish ambiance that gives a serenity shelter from the busy, urban dynamics of life.

We find particularly creative and interesting the delicate and unusual zoning approach and deltas for the open space configuration. In the modern, urban tendency of small apartments, the felicitous zoning of different daily activities is essential. In this case the designers choose to use not flooring but ceiling distinctions, instead, for a change – the kitchen corner is surrounded by slightly suspended ceiling rim and different cladding with large trendy tiles on floor and one of the walls – thus creating an open cube for visual and textural distinction of the kitchen corner form the living room premise. Intriguing and stylish.

The bedroom zone is distinguished in even more artistic and stylish way – surrounded, again in a half-cubical configuration by sliding, mat-glass, pattern walls the sleeping zone preserves its autonomy by adding a luminous fell to the whole decor project. Creating two opposite cube structures, the designers left the space open and flexible nonetheless – a perfect easiness for modern urban lifestyle-dynamics. Led by restraint, elegance and minimalism in the interior decoration only a small detail – like throw pillows, trendy lamps, retro furniture details and little decorative knacks- create the individuality of the space.

Almost Asian inspired purity and ease can be observed not only in the color and textural composition but also in the combination of shapes and silhouettes. This minimalism and tidiness of the decor configuration left a space even for a small balcony garden – a place where one can sit in tranquil, cozy, and serene observation above the busy city life. Architect: Yana Osipenko; Location: Kyiv, Ukraine; Realization: 2019; Photo: Eugene Deshko;