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Simmetria Space by Belotto Scopel Tanaka Arquitetura


Unlike trends in maximalism and color burst in interior design, Belotto Scopel Tanaka Arquitetura bet on the classic black and white, but exploited in a contemporary way, through different shades, textures, and materials.

The concept of space carefully reflects the Jader Almeida Work, who completes fifteen years beside Sollos. The interior was exclusively designed with his furniture, we worked with some pieces from the previous collection that match with the news.

The releases explore glass, marble, dark shades of wood in a totally different way than he had been working before. We believe in the timeless design, the works should be consistent and lasting. In this project, we seek balance in proportions and we selected some furniture that attributes elegance and sophistication on the composition.

The interior is introspective and nothing obvious, from layout to materials selection. The formal concept is broken with the sofa layout, that it has loose backrests forming micro-living spaces. The focal element of the project is the Hold dining table, with six meters long and stone top with striking texture, what it getting up a more natural look. In the background, the dark wall of Tresuno’s concrete boards reinforces this language.

The raised floor of the room divides the living space with the circulation, which it’s marked by Icon shelf with 5 meters long, directing access. We worked with cozy lighting, with indirect lights through pendants light, wall lamps, floor, and table lamps. All those pieces also too designed by Jader.  Photos by Eduardo Macarios;