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Brass Elements Appear in Moscow Apartment KDS 7 by Alexander Volkov


Sometimes contemporary luxury projects get a lucky artistic and inspirational bust and become memorable, characteristic interior decor creations. That is the case with this expressive apartment in Moscow, Russia, with a new design created by Alexander Volkov Architects.

The eclectic mixture of the apartment’s original classic and aristocratic features and the well-measured contemporary elements introduced into the composition create an exemplary decor project. The luxurious elements get a bit strong, but playful color splashes (in precious turquoise blue, violet or peach pink) lighten the flow of visual stimulations.

We love the rich textural compilation that entwines the roughly (yet somehow elegantly) exposed brick and cement structures, with precious and glamorous sparkle of trendy brass installations in various bespoke accents. Velvet chairs, plush carpets, and marble cladding add a strong luxurious inclination that is cleverly balanced by some modern urbanism details; like the pure minimalist lines of the suspended metal structures.

Exploring the beautiful projectс on the word’s design scene a dynamic and healthy aesthetic detail catches our attention of late. Typical for an urban design projectс, modern designers search for a way to introduce more living plants and green elements into the stiff contemporary reality of urban housing. The suspended metal frames, installations, and constructs holding a fresh green plant accent for the decor are popular modern choices with youthful dynamic and stylish presence, suitable for many design configurations.

A living creature that introduces beauty, purity and now and the contemporary stylistic element is included in this project configuration as well. A dynamic, black metal pot structure inserts a sunny green element into the graphic and minimalist kitchen arrangement.

A playful and winking accent is the way the old brick structures sneak in half patches and walls throughout the decor giving the sense of a hidden layer beneath the main decor idea. The apartment’s two levels layout introduces additional dynamics to the geometric shapes alternation chosen by the designers – half circles and rectangles, a juxtaposition of circular and sharp angles, pure lines and organic contours alternate and together with the textural variety create expressive dynamic.

Black accents in various configurations – wood and metal, contemporary and classic shapes, smooth and dynamic usages – punctuate the whole decor composition. Cladding of walls, black wood stairs, trendy lamps, and furniture elements give continuity of idea throughout the premises. Photo: Julie Petrova;