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Eclectic Urban Bohemian Interior Decor by Studio ye Rong


In our search of stylish urban decorsthis one does not fall in the small-ones category, but it still has some very intriguing and trendy design solutions. Let’s explore.

Carrying the signature approach of the design studio ye Rong – the colorful accents of the decor are entwined with precious metal shine and elegant modern silhouettes. Thin metal frames (as an item of furniture and decorative details) go throughout the design project of this Asian urban dwelling, giving it an artistic and modern touch.

The golden shine of the brass contours entwines with iron in different colors and thin, elegant furniture silhouettes. The duality of color tonalities composes the premises base and gives an additional visual dynamic to the arrangement. In the master bedroom, for example, this duality is combined with textural diversion as well. Trendy tile patches and cladding complete the variety of stylistic approaches used in the creation of this vital and stylish urban home.

The love of the owners for color and light matches the designers’ memorable style and the resulting combinations in each premise of this 143 sq. m. urban apartment are intriguing. Soft pink and gray entwine elegantly in the bathroom – contoured by sparkling gold metal insertions – giving it a very stylish and luxurious feel. More utilitarian shades of gray-blue and green are used in the kitchen and the living room areas.

A hot pink thread goes throughout the walls dividing visual the upper and lower halves of the space, creating additional dynamics to the design variations. Trendy furniture pieces, elegant lamps, and iconic decor elements entwine in colorful play and compose the interior. Photos: lomo;