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Living Space Created for CasaCor Minas 2019 by Piacesi Arquitetos Associados


Simplicity and minimalism. This is the concept of the space signed by architect Junior Piacesi at the 25th edition of Casa Cor Minas, which takes place between September 3 and October 13, in Belo Horizonte. Based on slow living, Piacesi brings nature and digital disconnect as the motto of the environment. The project responds to an increasingly accelerated, hyperconnected world and reinforces the need to live with essential elements.

In the search for space references, the architect devised different proposals to meet those looking for a connection with soul, nature and practicality. At 134m², with 57m² of internal area, the refuge is designed on metal structures and surrounded by a eucalyptus forest, suspended six meters from the ground and with access through a ramp that takes the visitor to the environment through a path between Trees Piacesi was able to adapt the architecture of the environment to the contemporary, leaving a striking authorial trait.

The Refuge is covered by mirrors, as a glazing element that mimics the construction, giving the feeling of multiplication of the forest; glass, which connects the interior with the nature of the surroundings; and a screen, which in addition to sustainable, enables a curve closure without losing transparency. Glass, steel, concrete, leather and pebbles make up the portfolio of materials used, creating a harmonious atmosphere connecting the house with nature.

“The project seeks a modern and affordable architecture. The aim was really to bring concept and lifestyle that embraced nature, giving light to a less digital and more peaceful universe. A true refuge ”, summarizes Junior Piacesi.