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Kennedy Nolan House Renovation in Melbourne


Some projects we select for you exude style, others fallow trendy currents with a bold dash, there also the ones that come with artistic ingenuity or unique style. Well, this project has them all. Architectural wonder with beautiful textures and life-asserting shapes this award-winning house, in inner Melbourne, is carried out by Kennedy-Nolan Studio and will bring the summer to us.

Breaking with the convention of typical family home this project of re-imagining and altering a weatherboard Edwardian house uses oval shapes and details and nuanced approach for texture, color, and pattern to create characteristic and memorable ambiance. Perhaps one of the most astonishing characteristics of this house is that despite the original and dynamic idea and the playful shapes used, there is no compromise with practical aspects ( sustainable orientation, passive solar design, cross ventilation) and all requirements of modern family life and comfort are meth.

The beautiful facade of the home envelops a generous courtyard with unusual swimming pool spot. It is round, it is compact, it is deep – a beauty of imagination – the well of dreams is replicated in the round windows’ design and the artistic circles of decorative elements throughout the home’s design, thus creating specific magic of water and shape throughout the project.

A design project like this cannot be described; it has to be experienced. The rich tactile sensations of the trendy materials- smooth terrazzo flooring throughout the premises paired up with the creamy texture of white brick walls, the soft carpets and textural elements juxtaposed to the rough metal frames and decor additions, the tile compositions with contracting fugues and the beautiful wooden furniture details – all entwine in a place, vibrant not only with tactile sensations, but also imaginative shapes and playful colors.

Every sculptural element is with challenging shape and appearance – from the beautiful metal staircase in moss green, the arched doorways, and windows to the small decorative details, art elements, and unusually shaped lamps and furniture pieces – they all become small reflections of the unique architectural plasticity of this unusual home- elegant, daring and inspired.