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PEU À PEU Sports Store by Sò Studio


PEU À PEU, as a sports brand, is owned by JNBY Group. The space is inspired by the interaction of sports field: Bundle extrusion and Stretch release. Strong plasticity with elastic force; array and sense of order in machine, with a movable vision installation to reflect space.

The detachable assembled racking system what divided space into different spatial regions. Inspired by the contemporary Pop artist Jeff Koons balloon series. The specular reflection ball installation reflected changes in the surrounding environment during the movement.

The up and down operation of the robot arm drives the movement of the ball device. Sponge, sphere, structural column, we use straps to combine these three objects of completely different materials. This returns to our original concept: free binding & Interaction, which create the other focus in the space. The robotic arm constantly taps the potato chip bag. This process symbolizes that the calories are crushed.

Project name: PEU À PEU by JNBY; Address: JNBY+, No. 79, Wenxi 2nd Road, Hangzhou, China; Area: 70 m2; Client: JNBY; Space & installation design: Sò Studio; Completion time: 2019/2; Project cooperation: Installation build: Studio NOWHERE; Image Production: MUYI Concept+ Production; Photographer: Yuhao Ding; Video Director: Alexis Shao; Video Editor: Elbe Huang;