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Central Park Residence by Studio Four


Contemporary design and architecture usually like to entwine the purity of clear lines, geometrical shapes and honest color palette, with subtle connection to organic and unexpected angles and forms, thus composing a place of special individuality and distinctive character. That is the case with this alteration project of a 1970s house carried out by Studio Four.

Located in Malvern, Australia, the previous house’s soul was buried in dark interiors, small windows, and overcrowding brick constructs. So, the architects aimed to open and uncover the potential of the home, turning it into a modern space with interiors full of light and purity. The influence of Scandinavian interior stylistic can be felt in the composition, enhancing that purity and freedom of arrangement.

The alternation of black cubes and shining brass, copper and terracotta coloring accents creates additional dynamics that helps the balance between exquisite and warm, modernistic and homey feels. The front facade of the house is symptomatic for the whole design project – a play of void and solids, straight lines and trendy charcoal nuances, warm textures and elegance, all vitalized with the accent of nature and organic insertions.

Returning the house into its unadorned, honest form the architects used the alternation of voids and solids and the dialog between verticals and horizontals to enhance the internal dynamic, which is matched by the trendy black and wood organic alternations of the color and materials palette. Clear-lined structures, openings, courtyards, skylights, and half walls create a dynamic and full of natural ling ambiance where the black rectangles and trendy furniture pieces find a sculptural and artistic expression.

Trendy copper accents create sparkling and jazzy focal points, spread here and there on the elegant black canvas provided by the rich textures. Maybe a bit dramatic but the elegant manner of execution creates a beautiful and exquisite modern configuration.

This singularity of color combinations – black base, wooden details and brass or terracotta color accents creates an elegant layering that allows the unusual architectural solutions and the youthful spirit of the home to stand out. The rich textural context of the painted black bricks, the stone cladding, and wood give a modern feel of purity and light.

We love the picturesque compositions achieved by the design – the dynamic composition of the facade and the small courtyard – dramatic and pure. The living room layering and play of shapes: double-height fireplace with suspended trendy design lamp with rounded and somewhat spiky silhouette – very modern and artistic setting. Attention to the small details is characteristic for the whole design project and creates the unique dynamics of this contemporary home – a place of sculptural art forms and modern elegance.  Photos by Shannon McGrath;