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Cortina House Interiors by Outlinestudio74


Contemporary luxury amongst the majestic mountain scenery of Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy. The renovation design project of this resort villa is carried out by Giulio de Filippo of Outlinestudio74 and entwines in its essence the organic threads from the local dolomitic stones, the surrounding UNESCO heritage site, and the restored wood structures of the century-old barn.

All with a contemporary and stylish spin – an intriguing and memorable combination. A sophisticated color and materials palette compose the open fluid premises of the villa. The vast window openings (picture-like frames from trendy black metal contours surrounding the beautiful vistas) illuminate a minimalist, yet warm entwinement of wood and metal, marble and stone with the furry additions of playful urban textures. Actually, the ease with which the designer combines the stylistic of living in the mountains with the metropolitan, urban luxury is one of our favorite features of this design project.

The main living premise decided in soothing ash- gray tonalities features a dynamic sequence of partial walls, niches and stand-alone insertions (like the original fireplace structure) a fragmentation which gives a wonderful juxtaposition to the openness of the large picturesque windows. Trendy furniture pieces – like the large modular sofa or the amazing lighting installations and lamps – the mismatched stylish chairs around the elegant dining table, and many other small decor elements compose an artistic and stylish ambiance with a distinctive character.

The beautiful wooden cladding, restored from the original barn home, with its organic richens and warm textural context surrounds an amazing aerie of stylish, modern decor decisions; a sliding media wall, suspended furniture elements and shelving that seems to float above the floor (including the luxurious, black marble basins in the bathrooms), the intriguing lighting scheme and artistic shapes, all create a feel of futuristic plasticity midst natural surrounding – very earthly and at the same time…not!