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Contemporary Apartment Project in Ukraine by Bogdanova Bureau


Do you believe that color can bring joy to contemporary living? Well let’s check this stylish apartment project and decide for yourself. Fresh pastel colors, stylish decor combinations, trendy design and comfortable family ambiance with a unique spin of free space – this contemporary apartment project in Ukraine unites two flats in one artistic composition. Designed for a family with three kids, the project carried out by Bogdanova Buerau searches for a real family home that exudes happiness and ease.

The usage of cheerful and stylish colors is impressive and gives a character to the whole decor but is especially expressive in the kids’ zone- the two boys’ bedrooms in green and blue and with characteristic orange accents and the girl’s room in feminine pinks and grays. The parents’ bedroom rounds up the color experiment of the privet zones of the apartment with a warm mixture of trendy colors, sculptural elements and fashionable furniture details- a beauty of warmth and style. Behind the frost glass separation, the master bathroom is aesthetic, graphic beauty of contemporary minimalism – smooth cement surfaces, trendy black frames and details and the simplicity of the white bathtub come together in an expressive one.

In the main social zones, different types of flooring patterns punctuate the different functions of the open floor plan- gorgeous wooden parquet gives free space for movement, trendy terrazzo tiles functionally clad the entrance and the kitchen corner, the colorful artistic rug offers warmth to the inviting sitting zone. Custom made structures, an abundance of storage units and modern kitchen design complete the comfy configuration of modern family dynamics. Stylish grays and blacks are punctuated by orange and red focal accents giving the whole composition elegant yet warm and playful expression. The alternation of colors, materials, and custom-made structures is dynamic, artistic, and allows the movement of family dynamics to be free and joyful.