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Conecta House


‘Planeta Casa’ was the motto chosen by CASACOR São Paulo 2019 to unite affectivity, technology and sustainability. Through these pillars, the architect Ticiane Lima, who runs an office of the same name in the city of São Paulo, makes her debut in the show, which takes place from May 28 to August 04, in the Jockey Club, with Casa Conecta, an environment of 125 m² divided in living room, bathroom and terrace, which provides visitors with moments of relaxation, connection and reflection.

Inspired by the premises of a clean and modern architecture, the professional has created, at the entrance, a huge nichile shelf that covers the entire wall, and exhibits the natural shade of lightwood and a special selection of décor pieces and elements. Original design by Ticiane and executed by Criare, the lush panel contrasts with the caramel wood desk, wrapped up by Sergio Rodrigues’ Lucio chair, which forms a functional and contemporary work station that also brings with it the warmth of the wood.

The organic, rock-shaped floor combines with the furniture, which in turn has been carefully chosen and positioned to provide design-rich comfort. The sofa in composition with the delicate teapot, the coffee table, the pouf, a young man signed by Claudia Moreira Sales, by Dpot, and FAS lighting fixtures, gives an elegant blend of different finishes, without losing the aura of a comfortable and modern home. The photograph of an Indian woman at her wedding, signed by Bruno Galerani, in harmony with the works of Eva Pena, the Pena Cal Art Gallery, as well as paintings by Zanine and Maria Kruchewiscky complete the ambience poetically.

In addition, projections encouraging ecological awareness will pass through the glass that acts as a partition between the living room and the bathrooms, thus presenting a contemplative and reflective technology that extends to the inside of the toilets and transmits messages about smart consumption.

The exterior area is integrated organically with the living room through the glass panels that demarcate the borders, letting the landscaping elaborated by Flávio Abílio also compose the interiors through a rain of jasmins that run through the walls, from the green ceiling. The LED lighting lines, which are born from a slit in the frames surrounding the slab, smoothly frame the composition, thus enhancing the natural light input and sustainability present in the design.

The brick panel in different shades of clay, by Colormix, had the assembly drawn by the professional, who created a kind of artistic intervention, bringing a ripple effect that blends perfectly with the sober tones adopted on the walls. Beside the fireplace, the pink granite bench six meters long and high from the floor, is supported by outlets to charge cell phones, and gives a modern and rustic touch to the environment. The final touch of the terrace is due to a hammock installed at the height of the ceiling, which has access to a staircase, making the visitor connect with nature and feel floating in the air.

As sustainability not only refers to the origin of the materials, but also to their disposal, all furniture and panels will be reused in other places, after the end of the exhibition, thus promoting the conscious use of resources.  Photos Denilson Machado – MCA Estúdio