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Oak Tree House by Kennedy Nolan Architects


Renovating and re-imagining old hoses, sometimes, one gets a work of art as a final result. This is the case with the Oak tree house project (named after the old oak tree towering above the garden of the Victorian heritage house) carried out by Kennedy Nolan Architects in a spectacular, artistic and contemporary way.

Using super trendy materials palette- terrazzo, terracotta, sculptured metal, beautiful tile compositions, and luxurious insertions, the architect created a dream house space with an open and modernistic design configuration. Like any great design projects, the house’s impact starts with its facade – here mini square stone pavement leads the way to the red steel brise-soleil and gray cement structure of the house, and it is expressive.

The pattern of square tiles repeats itself throughout the home becoming a signature cladding element – terracotta colored ones on the side of the facade in tune with the earthly red of the steel structures, shades, and columns. Trendy black square tiles in the kitchen. Again terracotta-brown in the dining and living room zones, transfusing from blue to white in the front patio – all kinds of variations, all in sync with the artistic expression and simplicity of shapes and materials used in the rest of the decor composition.

Paying special attention the spatial arrangement, acoustics, zoning, visibility and comfort the design team arranged the main social arias around a central courtyard (beautifully landscaped by Amanda Oliver) each premise with its own free access to the natural environment and outside freedom. Large glass walls frame most of the premises- the deep inviting blue of the sitting zones, the trendy black and wood entwinement of the kitchen, and the terracotta, cement and terrazzo shades of the everyday social zones. The crisp freshness brought by modern shapes and smooth materials is supplemented by minimal furnishing with expressive pieces of furniture and lamps.

Love for color and expressive materials, shines throughout the project. Artistic shapes and modern solutions including trendy materials selection (just check out the inviting beauty of the bathroom terrazzo cladding) dominate the open flow of the linear spatial arrangement. In the kitchen zone, we find another implementation of the expressive terrazzo- here the graphic entwinement between the black surfaces: the light gray of terrazzo and cement and the beautiful blue of the tile flooring are accentuated by warm wooden insertions. Trendy, stylish and unique setting.

As we have explored in other articles the return of the terrazzo as a fashionable component of modern house decors it is accompanied by larger variety of its uses – not only as cladding but also as furniture and decoration detail – so here the beautiful kitchen island-table is a proof of that trend.