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Paris Residence Spaces Where Creatives can Live and Work


A collaboration between Guillaume Delvigne & LALM Agence created this intriguing project of two artist’s housing studious in Paris for the French Ministry of Culture.

An art project and a comfy modern home entwine into one pure and stylish experience. The design team used smoothly lined wooden cubicles to host most of the main functions of the home (such as sleeping, cooking and relaxing) and took inspiration from the tidy modern approach for limited urban housing- minimalism, flexible functions, and clever inventions to free space. An artistic read on contemporary trend.

The wooden cubicles with their rounded corners host different functions of everyday life – sleeping and storage in one, kitchen and utilities in the other duplex. Their pure sculptural feel is wonderfully supplemented by dynamic connections and expressive structures created by the entwinement of white metal frames and wooden surfaces. The plasticity of shapes, the purity of colors and materials, and the abundant natural light used by the designers as a significant protagonist of the design idea – create luminous and easy-going ambiance.

Modern minimalism of lines, textures, and colors gives a strong role to the organic entwinement between wood, white metal, and gray variations. The thin white metal structures are used in multiple variations; as a staircase railing, as a furniture frame, as a lamp silhouette – giving an artistic and signature thread that goes throughout the design idea. Its elegant and minimalist approach supported by the purity of the wood and the monochrome gray palette composes the unique character of the place. Photos: Germain Suignard, Cédric Roulliat;