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PS. Apartment by Ki Design


Customers wanted something light, simple, gentle, without too many details — a lot of space and air, as well as comfort and warmth. 

Since the house is more than 100 years old, I wanted to keep at least some feeling of history. We could not leave the old brick walls exposed; they were too problematic. But we were able to create doors, door handles, window sills with battery grilles close to the traditional ones, not totally modern. The layout now consists of a huge open and spacious common area, master bedroom, nursery (they have symmetrical entrances from the living room) and a bathroom.

Closets in both bedrooms are hidden in niches. Outerwear is stored in the closet, which is a continuation of the kitchen furniture towards the hallway. Household items are in the closet with a mirrored facade that is embedded in a niche.

Project name: PS. Apartment; Architect’s Firm: Ki Design; Project location: Kyiv, Ukraine; Completion Year: 2018; Lead Architects: Kateryna Goriaieva; Photo credits: Sergey Savchenko;