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Kiev Apartment with Brass Clad Kitchen Island


Exploring this contemporary apartment project by Studio Home Design two words come to mind – persistently sparkling again and again – white luminosity. An entwinement of minimalist colors and shapes, white purity, invaded by trickling down brass accents, creates an epitome of modern luxury and rich textural compositions. Alternating marble, precious metal sparkle, graphic mosaics, and soft textiles the design team created a luxurious and inviting nest with characteristic details and delicate nuances.

The apartment located in Kiev, Ukraine offers an open space configuration of kitchen, dining and living room premises – almost an obligatory flow in modern apartment’s design and more privet structure for the two bedrooms and bathrooms (plus adjoining walk-in-closed) all decided in light color configurations with intense golden insertions. We especially love the way the gold halves leak into their shining counterparts – detail repeated multiple times in lamps, mirrors, innovative design chairs, and even living and bedroom side coffee tables. The decor idea balances straightforward rectangular units with oblong half-crones, circular decorative details and smooth corners – a playful and graphically expressive design alternation.

The duality of the base idea – rectangle and circle, white and sparkling metal, luxury, and minimalism is transferred into female and male decor touches. The apartment privet quarters are basically divided in “his and hers” design ideas, both with distinctive female and male features and yet stylishly unified by the basic design idea and luxurious feel. Some of the most artistic and graphically expressive premises in the apartment are the bathrooms – especially the masculine – combining beautiful mini-tile mosaic, which introduces rich textural feel, with unique design pieces and trendy brass fittings.