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VOV Apartment – A Place for People who Love Vinyl Records


How to play freely and artistically with colors without the risk of losing elegance and inspiration for your design project? Take a look at this contemporary apartment in Kyiv – a creation of Ater.architects. An inspired and playful artistry project for a young couple with a child. The usage of bold colors, intriguing decor solutions, and contemporary art pieces (alongside the custom-made furniture contributions by the designers) create a unique and entertaining ambiance worth exploring.

The apartment consists of two levels, thus spaciously dividing the social from the privet quarters. On the first level, an open space concept hosts the kitchen, dining, and living room zones in a dynamic entwinement of art, colors, and stand out shapes. The kitchen corner graphically stands out against the pink glass panels of the backdrop wall. The free-standing monolith of the kitchen island continues the play of pitch black and delicate pink. In the living room corner, customized shelving hosts the owners’ large vinyl collection. Here the color juxtaposition is between the crisp whiteness and the deep blue accents.

A trendy metal staircase leads to the second level were the master and child’s bedrooms resign. Multiple pieces of art from contemporary artists: form intriguing, central focal points in most premises – in the living room, above the piano, a graphic painting with suitable pink accent by Odessa’s artist – Frantsuazy Oz gives a finishing touch to the decor composition. On the second level foyer, the work of Alexei Kondakov finishes the trendy composition of the stairway and the hall’s modern lamps installation. And finally, an abstract work by Stepan Ryabchenko decorates the headboard of the cozy looking master bed.

In the child’s room, on the other hand, the designers used the furniture and wall finishes to create the artistic and playful atmosphere – the repeating pattern of pink and sea-blue pluses and minuses decorates not only walls and wall shelving’s but also a beautiful custom-made armoire. The light and creative atmosphere is dominating this space. The bathrooms are also not in the slightest less creative and artistic. The attention towards the detail exhibited by the design team throughout this modern residence is worth exploring and enjoying thoroughly.  Photos by Alexey Yanchenkov;