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New Family Home Positioned along a Surf Beach in Queensland


The most beautiful and pure materials selection for contemporary homes – alternation of concrete structures, wooden panels and lattices – and an inspired and dynamic play of voids and solids compose this modern home in Queensland, Australia. Build by BE Architects for a young family, the home honors its beach location with robust and lasting materials selection – a combination of organic and fresh materials in an open concept arrangement.

Designed primarily of exposed concrete externally, as well as internally, and flexible wooden shutters the house enjoys a free connection with its surrounding, which meant that the architects met the volatile seaside weather conditions stylishly without compromising with the house’s open and sunny family ambiance. Soft white textures and custom made wooden cladding and furniture elements straighten the warm and clean feel of this inviting, modern home.

The family’s need of a timeless, functional home that will age well and allow them to put down roots is entwined with the architects” creative and contemporary stylistics in a unique and stylish way. Beautiful architectural constructs ( from expressive, row concrete) compose an intriguing play of voids and solids, unusual angles – just check out the inner courtyard and swimming pool area and beautiful structural elements, like the spiral staircase that connects the levels of the home. The interior design of the inner premises and social areas continues the entwinement of concrete and wooden structures (replicating the outside architectural model in mini materials play).

Placed (like in any modern family home) in the heart of the house flow, the open kitchen-dining-living room combo offers fresh and unique design and inspired structural elements. Large kitchen island and concrete and marble countertops, which look like they are extending from the structural walls, are surrounded by custom-made wooden furniture elements and organic textures – a combination that gives an amazing purity and freshness of expression.  Photos by Andy McPherson;

Trendy glass partitions and the elegant, wooden lattice shutters on the panoramic windows allow the natural light to illuminate the organic decor composition with the added play of artistic shadow and light entwinement. The house architecture is clean-lined and straightforward: rectangular volumes, which sit atop of each another, like a children’s cube play, hide a smoother hart with the oval angles of the sculptural spiral of the staircase.