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Paddington House by Pohio Adams


When renovating and reimagining old home, is it possible the urban industrial aesthetic of modern times to resonate harmoniously with the original historic charm of Georgian architecture? This magnificent design project by Pohio Adams shows us imaginative take on a classic basis.

Using an entwinement of lightness and weight, rich brick and sandstone textures juxtaposed to dramatic black steel structures (not only the impressive central staircase but also the trendy atrium-like framework of the decor) the design team created dynamic and full of natural light, modern home. Improving the movement flow on the ground level, securing a flexible connection between inside and outside premises and creating an improved spatial experience the renovation of the house opened a space for the amazing sculptural presence of the unique staircase design. Crafted from black steel, its elegant spiral structure secures the connection between the three levels of the home.

The materials and color palette used by the designers corresponds with the overall light and heavy entwinement of the design idea- over 200 years old sandstone stands next to trendy black metal details and structures in a complementary and aesthetically pleasing way. Large, modern pieces of furniture are laid on organic materials base (steel, stone, and timber are coherently used throughout the home’s design). The ground floor hosts an open connection sequence amongst the back terrace, the kitchen, and the dining zone.

Here the designers used several freestanding pieces, including a kitchen island, bench units, and a fridge’s block and a very intriguing wall installation created by ceramic glazed tiles that subtly echoes the texture of the rough-hewn limestone. The simple yet dynamic, functional, and elegant aesthetics of the kitchen arrangement is created thanks to integrated appliances and elements a creation of Fisher & Paykel.