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Vision Studio Flagship Store by Studio Edwards


Vision Studio designed by Studio Edwards in Melbourne is one of them – the minimalist shop certainly looks nothing like the places bespectacled generations before us would have learned they had astigmatism or far-sightedness in. The aesthetic has grown up, well overdue for an industry that’s literally supposed to optimise how and what we see.

“The brief called for a gallery-like space to invite visitors to engage with & discover the Vision Studio brand. To include shop floor & 3 consultation rooms with waiting areas & staff /store area. Functionally product display needed to include over 200 pairs of glasses & storage for 800 pairs of glasses. The storefront is designed with an oversized aluminium perforated facade. One half hinges opens to reveal the jewel-like interior.

The space is zoned via an angular plan configuration with the areas requiring most privacy to the rear  and semi private consulting spaces tapering to the front. Carefully choreographed product display is arranged throughout. Side walls are lined with translucent display shelving appearing to float above pastel coloured cabinets – visually connecting to the mall outside through gaps to each side of the aluminium facade. Blurring the edge between shop floor & public concourse.

Horizontal surfaces morph into floating counters. Blurring the edge between customer & staff. Angular vertical mirrors break up the horizontality. An intricate circular marble basin provides a place for assistance & interaction. Materials are juxtaposed. Brash New York Marble with sheer pastel matt surfaces. Translucent solid surface next to raw concrete & slithers of raw aluminium.”  Photos by Tony Gorsevski;