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Camperdown Apartment for Two Design Professionals


How to transform an industrial building into a contemporary, stylish loft with hints of midcentury and Brutalist aesthetics? The trend of turning former industrial neighborhoods into residential areas brings us unexpected jewels like this project in Sidney created by Killing Matt Woods.

Transforming former warehouse into a contemporary, utilitarian environment with minimalist inspirations and hints from the Brutalist movement the design team accomplished pure and stylish ambiance with unique and surprisingly luxurious emanation. Using an abundance of organic surfaces experience – a concrete bunker feel is established – innovative materials, stylish decor elements and entwinement of geometric shapes the creators give the place its rich tactile fell and exquisite and unique character.

Created for a couple seeking a minimalist lifestyle, the loft’s design offers a pure and stylish ambiance that is stripped from all visual and tactile pollution. The rounded corners of the architectural construct and the furniture elements give a cozy, cave-like feel to the cement and plywood purity of the composition. The Two levels of the loft offer open and spacious exposition for the synthesis of the clients’ needs and the bold design approach of the decor team.

Under the installation of the circular lamp, the smooth concrete walls host the elegant geometry of the custom kitchen and the balcony of the mezzanine level that gives a snugly, private accommodation for the master bedroom. The social areas are furnished with unique design furniture and decoration items, some with distinguished mid-century inspiration and stylistics.

Three main decor elements stand out as a spine for the design concept: the rich textural experience – a result of the entwinement between the concrete like finishes (mainly Glass Reinforced Cement and French Wash Porter’s Paint) and the wooden (plywood and American oak) joinery, second the expressive and we may add very trendy – thin, black metal framing of decor details and finally the sparkle added by the brass elements and insertions. Photos by Kat Lu;