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Vancouver Loft Renovation by Falken Reynolds


We just love when we discover a small urban design project that is so clever and rich on artistic décor elements that its exploration is a trip in wonderland. Don’t you? This design project – the Igloo by the Canadian studio Falken Reynolds based its concept on the foundation of minimalism and luminosity and offers intriguing solutions for limited livable space – only 54 m².

Located in the historic Gastown neighborhood of Vancouver the space arrangement – with its functional multi-storage structures in central volume – draws its inspiration from the cozy, protective shell of winter igloo – narrow corridor and open the main area. The multi-functional cube in the center of the loft has smooth, clean construct and touch-to-open hidden doors in matt finishes that hide two cabinets, washer, and dryer, drying cabinet, refrigerator, and pantry.

The kitchen and dining corners of the open-space social area with their simple and clean lines allow the fashionable design furniture pieces of the living room zone to stand out. But undoubtfully the artistic fragile beauty of the Bocci 28.7 lamp above the dining table becomes a central focal point of the decor composition. Otherwise, multiple art objects, clever custom-made shelving and comfy and inviting furniture compositions also take their rightful share of attention.

Light color compositions, trendy pastels and juxtaposition between luminous white and different shades of gray-blue compose well-balanced and pure ambiance. The bedroom is cleverly located on the second level of the loft, thus securing privacy for its inhabitants and spaciousness for the rest of the arrangement. The minimalist inspiration of the apartment’s modern design continues here as well. Japanese style bed and smart, custom-made shelving complete this small space.