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Limited Urban Space in Moscow


A clever and stylish design project for limited urban space in Moscow, Russia, created by architectural studio Ruetemple. Using modular fixtures, masculine dark colors, and black frames in entwinement with organic wooden structures, the designers achieved a well-balanced and spacious feel for the small apartment.

A sequence of panoramic windows and glass framed partitions allows the natural light to penetrate in depth without compromising with the stylish idea of the place. Clear lines and custom-made wooden structures give purity and fresh emanation. An alternation of exposed concrete ceilings and finishes (including the modernistic fireplace wall with its simplicity), wooden panels and charcoal black paint on walls and floor tiles, gives an urban and masculine feel to the decor composition.

The main social area features a dynamic sequence of panoramically framed glass partitions – between bathroom, water-closets, and working corner – and the social zones. An intriguing and unusual design approach. Dark tile flooring gives continuity throughout the different areas. Contemporary stylistics, simple lines, and black furniture elements create a graphic juxtaposition to the light kitchen fixtures and the wooden warmth of the bedroom and children’s room ambiances.

The small sofa in the wooden niche – perfect for reading and hobby activities – arranged next to the working corner is a typical representation of the crafty signature approach of the designers’ creativity. The team from Ruetemple are masters of creating custom-made wooden structures and furniture elements that maximize the livable space in a stylish and unique manner. In the panoramic composition of the bathrooms, special attention must be paid to the clear and modern lines of the zing tubs – smooth clay-like materials with the industrial feel of row concrete give a specific dynamics and stylish statement. Photo credits: Alexander Kudimov;