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Staircase Give the Perfect Identity to a Home


How a well-placed and uniquely shaped staircase can give the perfect identity to a home? Well take a look at this modern Brazilian design project with its artistic black staircase and intriguing furniture selection to find out.

The modem dynamics and sculptural artistry of the contemporary design composition of this duplex apartment in Porto Alegre, Brazil offers amazing and chill take on contemporary lifestyle. The Brazilian design studio Arquitetura Nacional used a few signature decor elements to compose the fluid spaces of the loft in a memorable way- a combination of comfort, art, fluid motion, and minimalism.

The expressive black metal staircase that connects the two levels of the mezzanine is a work of art itself – its heliocoidal silhouette is positioned at the center of the space connecting its levels and adding unique spice to the stylish composition. Made by folding and welding steel into its expressive final shape and assembled on site the staircase design finishes a few inches above the floor – giving it a floating and somewhat mysterious presence.

The fluid open connection between different zones of the apartment and the usage of signature design elements – like the traditional Brazilian decor insertion of tiles on the walls, large furniture pieces and the expressive black accents on every vantage point – give the place its dynamic and youthful feel. Just check out the double sized pink couch that gives an inviting and playful center for the open space configuration on the lower level of the loft and creates a perfect social hub area for fun with friends.

Entwining in a dynamic manner signature design furniture pieces, created and produced locally, with expressive finishes- such as carbonized wood, concrete flooring, and cement tiles designed by the studio – the design team positioned their creation firmly into the sphere of iconic urban apartment’s projects.  Photos by Cristiano Bauce;