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Apartment in Kiev by SVOYA Studio


Feminine, elegant and bright, with contemporary space distribution and furniture elements this small apartment in Kiev, Ukraine is created by design studio SVOYA. Exposed to the urban views the small dwelling offers a calm and sensual refuge and welcoming ambiance with modern art hints.

Elegant, with subtle contours and delicate frames the decor composition is a bit pretentious in an exquisite way. Like a lady with a beautiful, stylish manicure that is very choosy of what she touches. The flexibility of angles and the alternation of shapes, in the main social area, gives a dynamic twist to the decor idea. This flexibility and robust dynamics are enhanced by the usage of smooth materials and modern textures (concrete, plywood, brass, and lacquer) this selection of materials and colors gives a contemporary edge to the design project.

The juxtaposition between the soft texture of the bonbon-pink velvet sofa and the retro inspired robust shape of the deep blue cupboard, adds to the energetic hint that goes throughout the design project. Fashionable and bordering modern-art lighting solutions and lamps give specific playful character and artistic identity to the whole apartment. The minimalist kitchen corner, on the other hand, depends on the stylish and utilitarian shape of its custom-made cabinetry and the modern dynamic shapes of the furniture details (special attention to the bases of stools and tables) to make a calming statement.

The bedrooms fallow the personality of their occupants. Sportive and cool nuances in the children’s room with amazing graffiti art for the walls, luxurious serenity with a playful twist (just check out the trendy metal lattice structure serving as a headboard and provider of fresh green life) for the master bedroom. Unexpected visual elements like the colorful altar with a disco ball or the polished concrete floors combined with fresh green elements give the palace additional allure and intriguing character. Photos by Alexander Angelovski;