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Modern Style Apartment Under 50 Square Meters


Artistic contemporary apartment in Odessa, Ukraine with an inspired design, based on the entwinement of geometrical shapes and cheerful colors. Located only 300 meters from the beach the apartment project 9J offers playful read on modern lifestyle and design.

Undertaking the challenge of the small livable space (only 45 square meters) and the infelicitous location of the only two windows on the same side the architect Artem Trigubchak from S&T studio used beautiful custom-made structures, modern furniture elements, and bold colors to achieve unique and functional space arrangement. Kitchen and living room areas take the most illuminated locations, and the custom-made wooden structure that hosts plenty of storage space serves also as a flexible and modern division for the tidy bedroom area.

Intriguing and artful furniture and decoration items adorn the premises. In the kitchen zone, the minimalist whiteness of the cabinetry and the elegant finishes (including marble slabs) are punctuated by two custom made items that stand out with their bright colors and characteristic shapes – the blue lacquered dining table and double-colored mirror on the wall.

This cubism of silhouettes and brightness of colors continues in the living zone were large modular sofa (a stylish and comfortable touch) is paired up with, again, specially designed for the apartment’s decor, marble coffee table and artistic, colorful rug. So, in the end, this small and trendy beach apartment is designed to have not only a functional and modern design but also a fresh and unique character.