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Interior Decor Led by Sienna Color Scheme


Interior decor composition led by its color scheme. Simple and elegant yet very warm and inviting this small urban apartment’s design in Kiev, Ukraine is created by Sobo Studio and uses natural pigments to give expressive emanation to strict materials such as concrete, metal, and ceramics.

The design team created the trendy open space composition for a young couple exploring the urban view thought the vast windows and securing free flow between premises, a combination that gives a spacious and dynamic feel for a modern lifestyle in limited livable space.

Alternating trendy black and red clay color finishes, punctuated by light plywood insertions, the designers created a sense of depth and luxurious textural coziness. Comfortable and functional zoning connects the small kitchen niche (with its minimalist design) with the living area and behind a partial wall the master bedroom. Partial separation structures and custom-made furniture elements give a dynamic distribution of the open space arrangement. A light colored plywood cubical secures tidy and comfortable storage and walk in closet.

The dynamic juxtaposition between the red clay colored tiles and the deep balk panels creates a very warm and rich ambiance. Just check out the kitchen corner- minimalist and stylish with the trendy suspended metal structure above the kitchen counter (which thin metal silhouette is replicated in the fashionable design of the bar stools) illuminated by stylish Edison bulbs. A composition that gives a functional, youthful and dynamic vibe.

The deep indigo blue accents of the sitting zone volumes add to the rich textural base of the design with its inviting and elegant arrangement. The bedroom, on the other hand, is decided in lighter tonalities emanating freshens and serenity.  Architect: Yana Osipenko; Location: Kyiv, Ukraine; Realization: 2018; Photo: Viktor Primachenko;