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Modern and Sustainable Business Hotel Designed by Note Design Studio


Note Design Studio has combined deep orange marble fixtures with peachy-hued furnishings inside this Stockholm hotel to foster a comforting atmosphere for tired travellers on business trips.

On November 19, Grow Hotel, a modern and sustainable business hotel, opened in the expansive Solna Strand area just northwest of central Stockholm. The property, owned by Humlegården, breathes new life into the area.

The interior is created by Note Design Studio in Stockholm. Grow Hotel is the studio’s first hotel assignment. The interior design concept was based on the hotel’s focus on business travelers – hotel guests that, more often than not, travel alone.

“We imagined the weary business traveler, on the road for 150 days a year, getting out of a taxi from Arlanda with his or her carry-on case on a rainy night in November. This hotel shouldn’t feel cool or luxurious, it should make the guest feel taken care of”.

The nine floors contain 176 rooms, all with windows in full room height. In the spring a large outdoor terrace with a charcoal grill will open in the courtyard. But it’s the inviting, transparent entrance floor that makes Grow Hotel stand out.

Different parts of the hotel have been given different color schemes based on their function. The communal areas of the entrance floor are characterized by warm, powerful colors, tactile natural materials and a lot of greenery. In the hotel rooms, a brighter and lighter color scheme gives a more contemplative atmosphere.  Photos is by Jonas Lindström.