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Darkly Atmospheric Apartment in Taipei


Modern living ambiance as a form of art and homage to Nature. Contemporary and dark stylistics, strong industrial inspiration and unusual dеcor solutions entwine in this urban apartment’s unique design project carried out by Wei Yi International Design Associates.

The apartment’s location enjoys beautiful natural view of the neighboring mangrove forest – a precious wetlands reserve which allows the designers to seek free inspiration in natural elements – in this case, the ocean and the water, so they called their project Blue Eye – referring to the tears of the ocean and earth. Intriguing spatial arrangement, expressive textures and materials, minimalist and row stylistic are supplemented by unique accents that underline the preciousness of nature and its fragility.

Specific nostalgic hint can be felt in the color and design composition of this unusual space – the Molding clay used to create the undulated shapes resembling the geological features of wetland forests, the bamboo constructs with their fragile and unfinished presence, the gray base given by the concrete and stone finishes – all remind us that if we fail to protect the nature the future generations may learn about wetlands only through data.

Linear and net-like structures of the spatial arrangement filter the natural light from the panoramic windows in interesting patterns throughout the place, illuminating the amazing art collection of the owner. There is a tension between the different materials – serine and monochrome base with artistic and colorful insertions – just check out this expressive, red metal pendant light that gives a strong focal accent to the prevailing gray concrete of the dеcor composition.

Subtitle and minimalist dеcor touches in combination with art elements make the dynamic of the place amazing – the colorful carpet displayed on the wall (a prized position in the owner’s art collection – a hundred year old rug from Uzbekistan), the wooden and bamboo hints, the burgundy sculptured metal, the inserted plant-bed on the wall hosting cactus plants and succulents, the copper details giving a decadent sparkle – all those elements give unique and precious character to the place. Their juxtaposition to the monochrome color and textural base of the architectural shell – creates such a dynamic tension and artistic impact.

Custom-made concrete clad structures give a modernistic yet functional fell to some of the social areas – the kitchen island in the open plan living premises matches not only the floors, walls, and ceiling cladding but also the base of the dining table. The singularity of the main materials and colors used gives a serene and calm feel to the open space arrangement.

Stone and cement, marble and water-resistant moiré coating in the master bathroom give a tranquil consistency to the home’s shell while materials such as copper and iron, wood and bamboo appear subtly in the space, giving rich diversity to the serenity. A home with certain art gallery fell – not only for its open spaciousness and exhibition of beautiful art items but also because of its overall artistry and sensual (and ideological) impact.  Photos by HeyCheese, Xin-Ding Chen;