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Cosy and Luxurious House with Warm and Inviting Atmosphere


If you have forgotten which are the typical modern Brazilian home characteristics this project – the C+C House by architectural Studio MK27 – will give you a fresh and inspired reminder.

Intriguing facade, seamless connection with gardens, extensive wooden cladding, meshes, and panels, large open floor plan premises and the focal point of big and fascinating pieces of furniture – just looking at it you can feel the tropical climate of Brazil and the specific interior decor stylistics that it inspires. Restricted by the site’s characteristics- long and narrow, with buildings on both sides – the architect’s team created modern, luxury inspired home with clever ventilation and movement circulation scheme relying on the inspired play of voids and solids.

The ground floor hosts in long and narrow sequence the dining area, sitting zone, and the living room premises arranged in luxurious open plan layout with vast openings towards the gardens on both ends. The wooden strip clad tunnel-like space has warm and comfy emanation thanks to the natural wood color of sunny caramel. Intriguing shapes and large furniture pieces compose an inviting and comfortable setting in warm tones and slight 80’s retro stylistics of the decor. On this level with seamless connection towards the gardens, the kitchen, music studio, guest suite, and service areas also resign.

The alternation of golden-caramel wood strips, the white wooden mesh of the second level and the beautiful stones of the pats surrounding the house gives a rich textural feel and intense spatial dynamic to the home with a flexible connection between interior and exterior, great ventilation and light circulation. These features characteristic for modern and luxurious Brazilian homes are the ones that we all admire so very much. The interior decor composition of the house also features a mixture of rich and luxurious textures, modern and retro furniture pieces and warm color palette creating inviting, comfortable and classic Brazilian home ambiance.  Photos by Fernando Guerra | FG+SG;