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Preston House


Open floor plan, double height volumes, rich textural entwinements between exposed brick constructs, wooden cladding and trendy, black framed glass windows and separations – a new build home that features most of the characteristic for its time features.

Cube upon a cube, dynamic composition and seamless connection between different premises, elegant decor composition, and rich tactile experience and all full of natural light – a beautiful modern family home in Australia created by Lot1 Design and Sydesign.

The clients – a young family with kids – like to entertain friends and searched for an abundance of light; so those were the starting points for the architects. Using raw materials palette: concrete, recycled bricks, black steel, and solid timber; they created a modern home with dynamic composition and robust aesthetics, which corresponds not only with our time trends but also with the needs of its inhabitants.

Placing the kitchen in the center of the social premises and their open floor plan exposition the designers used alternation of materials, rectangular shapes, and unusual angles to create dynamic and functional home hart. The beauty of the exposed brick construct (and their colorful configuration) is underlined by the black steel insertions and the concrete structures – including the custom made bench near the dining table. Trendy glass separations and windows framed in black metal allow the natural light to be freely distributed all throughout the home. Just check out this elegant and trendy bathroom composition with its openness and fragile beauty.

The strong connection between the outside architectural aesthetics of the house (modern, straightforward and a bit industrial) and its interior decor composition makes the inside out transition seamless and includes the outside premises (great swimming pool and terrace areas) effortlessly into the home’s life. Modern art elements, fashionable design lamps – including the iconic Aim LED Multi-Light Pendant Light by FLOS above the dining table – are arranged on the beautiful canvas of the raw and modern materials commission adding finesse to the young and dynamic spirit of the home.  Photos by Katherine Lu;