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Victorian Villa with a Contemporary Extension in Melbourne


A home like an exhibition example, beautiful and stylishly arranged, to the precision, but still livable, light and fun. Adding an unusual architectural extension to this Australian heritage house from the Victorian era, the WALLA architects used unexpected architectural, spatial and design solutions to achieve this unique expression of a house with magazine worthy stylistic.

The new contemporary addition is beautiful in its crisp white sculptural impact – distinguishably modern, yet obviously inspired by the triangle forms of the pitched roofs in old Victorian houses in the neighborhood. Giving a unique and modernistic read to a typical extension addition (usually located at the back of the house) WALA elevated, instead, the social and living spaces upstairs within the addition, retaining the bedrooms at ground level- a fresh spatial choice.

The interior arrangements of the home are also unusual, yet stylish and in sync with modern design trends – fresh, crisp whiteness punctuated by expressive colors additions, oblong shapes and the warmth of organic wood insertions – either as gorgeous flooring or as furniture details. The living room composition offers a fresh and playful exhibitions of a few design trends that are very hot at the words design scene now – oblong shapes and rounded corners (from the entwined circles on carpet to the inviting sitting elements), delicate pink and gray as a main color accents, and the elegant and plastic shapes of the furniture pieces – just check out this stylish sofa insertion.

In the kitchen custom made structures and fittings are freshen up by the strong blue color focus of the chairs around the dining table. Keeping things minimal and with clean lines, the designers achieved freshness and ease for the decor arrangement where the stylish pieces of furniture and art elements can stand out. The marble clad (white with elegant gray veins) bathroom elevates the luxurious feel of this extension up a notch. And another very trendy and beautiful design element – the vertical green wall makes the animated transition between the small gardens of the property to the bedroom sanctuary, thus creating a wonderful terrace arrangement for relaxation and chill out time. Photography by Tatjana Plitt;