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Lounge and Co-Working Space in Manchester by Grzywinski+Pons


We just adore when contemporary, light and organic interior integrates vintage and classic elements (especially when these features are left from the original construct). The Whitworth Locke is a 160 room hotel with a bar, cafe, lounge and co-working space in Manchester, England designed by Grzywinski+Pons (a New York firm with a history of renovating and redesigning old buildings with history and specific charm).

This project consists of three linked blocks, and the creators paid particular attention to preserve the charming 19th-century Victorian features entwining them with modern design elements, fresh colors and elegant, bespoke furniture details. Introducing a special emphasis on to the textural composition of the place the architects used dynamic materials palette- combining granite blocks pavements with the original brick structures, the beautiful metal atrium of the main gathering spaces (pained in elegant and classy white) with the vibrant presence of fresh greed elements and organic wooden insertions.

The vintage nostalgic thread that goes throughout the decor composition entwines beautifully with the bespoke and custom made furniture elements ( designed mainly by the architects) and the warm and chicky color palette used throughout the hotel – form rooms, to lobby and café-restaurant areas – all are tastefully playful and elegantly artistic. The solid bones of the Victorian fabric host inspired research on into vintage visual communications translated into new and bold language stylistics.

Thin frames and structures within structures, suspended greenery and rounded corners (all trendy decor solutions) fluid shapes of furniture and decor elements, organic materials and interesting lighting and lamps insertions combine in the rich textural and color layout of the place. Every angle of this hotel’s design is picturesque and beautiful, attention to the detail – from the shining brass accents to the unique furniture elements, from the rich textural compositions to the warm color palette – all brings aesthetic beauty and pleasure for the senses.  Photos by Nicholas Worley;