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Toledano+Architects Use Very Few Materials to Enhance the Feeling of Open Space


When modernistic cubism and urban dynamics meet organic materials palette and stylish design, unexpectedly cozy and artistically – expressive ambiance occurs. Meet the Box – a contemporary home for a young couple designed by Toledano+Architects. The hot trends of modularity in urban living design is artistically explored and utilized creatively in this home composition.

Using a restrained materials palette ( based mainly on the organic feel of light wood, row concrete, and stainless steel surfaces), the designers utilized the existing space to the maximum giving it a generous open and minimalist feel while still preserving the privacy and cozy feel of a home.

Modular structures – from the central wooden box-structure to the kitchens modular composition – opening or closing completely creating a neat space for appliances and storage – define the cubical expression of the decor composition. Straight lines, restrained color selection, and organic materials give a minimal and clean feel to this modern home design.

Invitingly looking benches create cozy niches throughout the living premises underlying the straight lines of the furnishing choices and the simplistic cubical shapes. Modern furniture elements with unique design and the unexpected juxtaposition between the row concrete slabs of the ceiling and the shining (in the case of the kitchen zone- stainless steel) flooring solutions create a unique and expressive character for the young couple’s home. The heat of Tel Aviv climate (softened by the proximity of the lush trees just outside of the home) meets the fresh cool of the modern design and composes a simple yet comfortable and characteristic ambiance.  Photos by Amit Geron;