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Shining Copper at Stylish Urban Project by Ris Interior Design


Urban luxury and sleek contemporary design compose this Asian home – an elegant and stylish project by Ris Interior Design. Inspired by the play of the sun throughout the daily hours the designers used light reflective surfaces and noble materials palette in combination with clean, modern lines of the furniture elements and wooden shades dominated color palette.

The play of different beige, gray and ivory nuances starts from the foyer of the home where trendy hexagonal floor tiles greet the visitor with their warm and artistically playful composition. The rest of the open floor plan arrangement of the main living quarters is decided with shining copper and lacquer floor surfaces which reflect the light beautifully. Different textural patches and alternating wooden, brass or marble cladding of walls signify the different functional zones of the spacious living premise.

The kitchen zone is decided in prevailing whiteness and with a minimalist and functional arrangement. The dining and living room premises add (still in monochrome hues) warmer color additions in light gray and beige, exploring the calm and luxurious feel of the design further on. Wooden cladding, custom made structures (like the build in a wall-cabinet structure in the dining corner or the irregular patch ceiling above the entrance) add warm caramel color sparkle and organic feel to the materials composition.

Beautiful and trendy design chairs with undulated shapes and irregular wooden structures are used throughout the premises (including in the master bedroom) giving a unifying dеcor element with a modern edge to all the different spaces. Photos by Kyle Yu Photography;