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InCaprice Created Open Space Juxtaposing Industrial Elements


If you think that simple urban apartments in one of those square boxes of a modern building cannot offer an inspired, stylish and noteworthy interior decor composition – well, then you are wrong. Underlining the gray feel of the panel buildings and emphasizing the industrial and urban atmosphere with row and organic materials selection the designer Lina Klios and her interior studio InCaprice created this urban dwelling using signature and stylish decor elements. From the impressive lighting solutions ( with slight industrial touch) to the eye capturing and texture defining row concrete surfaces entwined with beautiful warm accents of natural wood and beige details.

The main living premise of the apartment’s configuration features an open plan exposition of kitchen, dining and soft-siting zones all united in light and monochrome color composition that leaves the artistic and modern decor elements to stand out on the pure canvas. The row concrete ceiling in the kitchen-dining premises is wonderfully supplemented by the pure lines, simple shapes and shining details of the modern kitchen arrangement.

White tiles with contrasting fugues (another signature for the designer touch and a very trendy kitchen composition) clad the wall of the kitchen countertop and give graphic continuity to the white and black entwinement of furniture elements. Beautiful wooden table straightens the organic feel of the composition and provides a warm focal anchor to the arrangement.

The rest of this urban apartment premises also carry the stylish inspiration and specific artistic approach of the Lithuanian designer. Custom designed wall decorations adorn the bedroom wall giving an artistic twist to the simplistic and pure ambiance. Inspired lighting solutions create a cozy yet dynamically – urban and modernistic atmosphere. Specific tile compositions continue the pure and straightforward design inspiration in the different premises of the home. Photos by Leonas Garbačauskas;