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Deep Green Color Trend


This year’s decor trends reflect a desire for redefined indulgence and conscious considerations in the pursuit of luxury. Especially at home and with colour. In seeking first class products and experiences, there is an appreciation for traditional practices and old-world craftsmanship, embracing that which blends old and new, past and present.

From the darkness of night, reaching towards the light and following the desire to slow down the advancement of some technologies and the reliance on social media, both of our Colours of the Year are a modern expression of lustrous richness. Through depth of colour and the contrast of light and shadow, these full-bodied verdant hues emulate the feeling of lush greenery, recreating a nature-inspired, calming yet invigorating euphoria.

Composed of rich, deep hues alongside lighter warm and cool neutrals, this year’s colour collection is a modern version of old-school elegance and refinement. A selection of darks expresses a worldly, exotic yet heritage aesthetic, with fairer, softer options providing balance.

This year the color green in all its hues is confirmed as a trend in the interior design. From pastel shades to the strongest ones, green recalls different feelings: balance and relaxation, but also energy and elegance. Green is a color that meets different tastes and furnishes the spaces in which we live with style and elegance. We would like to propose you some products from our clients in the different shades of green: benches by All+, armchairs, chairs and sofas by Bonaldo, DVO‘s office furniture, outdoor furniture by Fast and heating elements by Tubes.