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Dark Hues at Sydney Apartment by Studio Amber Road


To create a space that is stylish, modern and suitable for a dynamic lifestyle, that at the same time emanates a cozy “welcome home” feel, is not a simple task. But Australian designer studio Amber Road succeeded with it. Combining decadent and trendy materials into row concrete shell, the team created a versatile space where the well-traveled owner can entertain friends in both large and intimate parties, and display his growing collection of artworks in a stylish and modern ambiance that says: well-lived home.

The dark color selection – a combination between trendy black and charcoal with nuances of warm and welcoming brown, beige, navy blue and gray creates space were one feels cozy and snuggled in the stylish open premises – an intriguing contradiction of experiences that is masterfully achieved. The rich layering and dynamic interior configuration of the space matches the dynamic urban views seen throughout the panoramic windows.

Clever design construct opts the storage space and the furniture functions. Modern fold in construct makes the guest bed a part of the interior – as a wall that unfolds only when needed. Beautiful materials selection enhances the strong individuality of the dark colored interior. In the kitchen area, the trendy main block of cabinetry decided in black is supplemented by gorgeous ochre marble, displaying the rich opal-like colored veins that are in artistic harmony with the brass and copper elements of the decor – lighting solutions, door handles and exposed wiring.

The dining table corner also offers an exciting combination of colors and materials – a horizontal pendant lamp made from stripy vintage fabric is suspended from the ceiling and gives an excellent focal center to the dark glass table setting. All arranged on the rich base of the gorgeous navy blue that artistically covers some of the walls in this versatile space. In the master bedroom, another stylish and trendy color material composition is chosen – slate-colored terrazzo covers the rounded corners of the soft gray surfaces – creating calm and elegant ambiance suitable for the place for relaxation in any modern home.  Photography is by Felix Forest; Styling is by Alicia Sciberras;