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Apartment in Historic District of Kaunas by Architect Ruta Barisaite


This project is the renovation of Ruta Barisaite‘s music harmony teacher’s childhood home situated in historic district of Kaunas that had to reborn for a new life. The apartment had to meet the needs of modern living, keep the connection with its own history and historical environment, as well as fit into the budget, so every decision had to be weighed.

The first thing that had been done was opening of the space and changing layout of partitions. The space of the kitchen and the corridor was connected to the living room area, also a niche was created, creating a closet in the corridor and a niche for refrigerator in the kitchen. When starting to create the interior, one of original wishes of the client was to have some green color. So accents of moss color wallpaper appeared, and even white color in this house was the brightest grey shadow with a drop of green.

The process itself was also exceptional – conversations about the interior were interchanged with conversations about music and simply creativity, and the boundaries between different subjects often cleared up. This is how this interior was born – with the personality resembling Kaunas spirit.  Photos by Vytenis Raubickas