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Amazing Example of Contemporary Swedish Home


Absolute sunny delight! This amazing example of contemporary Swedish home presents us with so inviting ambiance and artistic decor solutions. Despite the fact that the color palette is very restrained – only 3 main color shades (white, yellow and natural wood) – the punctuation of the bright sunny yellow accent is creating amazing dynamics and artistic expression.

The warmth and characteristic ambiance created by the combination between the natural wood color and the deep yellow invites and pull us – just look at it – and you will be overwhelmed by the desire to snuggle in the cozy bench niche, near the kitchen, or have a breakfast on the playful kitchen island block – composed by expressive yellow lacquer… one can vividly imagine the cozy and sunny time that can be experienced in this modern home decor composition.

It is interesting to know that the original structure of the apartment dates back to the 1920 and the designers from Lookofsky Architecture give it full transformation to become suitable for the lifestyle of a young couple. The smooth and contemporary reimagining of the space includes several built in walls and custom made structures that neatly host the storage units of the apartment, the wardrobes and the 7-meters long kitchen wall with its cluster components hosting different daily functions.

United by the sunny surfaces and the entwinement of simple shapes and the pure, natural wood the continuity of the premises of the apartment is calm and comfortable. Located in Stockholm, Sweden the interior decor composition definitely carries the purity and elegance of modern Scandinavian style.

Just check-out the cozy reading niche – simple shapes, expressive furniture and lighting elements, which are still elegant and simple. The overall feel of serenity and cleanness dominates the decor composition. The gorgeous wooden floors extend throughout the apartment giving further unity and organic touch throughout the place – including the entrance where a punching bag adds youthful, trendy and dynamic accent. Quite a fashionable detail seen in more and more modern homes.  Photography by Mattias Hamrén;