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Mu-Mu Photography Studio by Han Yue Interior Design Co.


Space that look organic and changeable, and also creative, not like traditional photography studio was designed by Han-Yue Interior Design. the idea of design is to make the place more natural, more cozy, easy to adapt to different activities.

Project description: We designed a geometrical bridge in the center of the space, it can be a scene for photo shoot, and it can also be a vantage point for photographers to use. Moreover, we use square tubes to build a house inside a house, using wood board as background wall, with different material to decorate. This way to make the visual coherent.

Interaction: Other than the eight spaces we designed, the spaces in between have no obvious boundaries. Therefore it can combine with each other and form a new space by using flowers, furnitures, and decorations. The sun is also an element for people to use. Different angle of sunlight gives photographers more element to use.

Design: Han Yue Interior Design Co., Ltd.; Team Member: Ming-hung Tsai; Project Name: Mu-Mu Studio; Category: Exhibition Design; Photography: Yi-Hsien Lee Photography; Location: Taichung city, Taiwan; Space: 350 sqm;