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Bursa Hotel – Conceptual Space with Distinctive Design and Multiple Functionalities


Very rich and stylish interior decor journey awaits us with the exploration of this bespoke hotel complex situated into a mix of centuries-old buildings in the historical and cultural heart of Kiev, Ukraine. An artistic, playful and complicated creations of one of our favorite Ukrainian design studious – the balbek bureau, the place is, as its creators say – hard to describe with one word, is not only a hotel, or a restaurant, not a bar or an art gallery – is complicated, rich and incredibly entertaining. Let’s explore together!

Starting with the lobby and its multiple artistic features from the color: glazed tiles surrounding the elevator’s doors, to the contemporary art paintings, neon and mashed metal installations – a very youthful and artistic inspiration is going on here. In combination with hand-woven rugs and the subtle thread of pink that goes throughout the premises it becomes evident that the place is composed with great attention to the detail and tons of artistic inspiration.

Original and historically charming brick constructs and arched structures entwine with modern and trendy solutions and bespoke furniture elements. Actually, an interesting detail of the designers’ work is that most of the furniture elements were bought at flea markets in Norway. Restored, repainted and Voilà a unique product with history, just like the two of the three buildings in which the complex is located. Nonetheless, most of the interior decor solutions and combinations are under a distinctive influence of Bauhaus aesthetics an approach that promotes functionality through simplified geometrical forms and minimal use of embellishments.

All the guest rooms are decided in different decor styles but all sustained in elegant and modern manner. Prevailing blackness in bedroom interior. Elegant and serene interior in prevailing white e with trendy black metal frames and stylish canopy bed (a decor touch that we observe has a strong comeback especially in modern translation with minimalist thin frames). This particular detail touch – the thin black metal frames can be observed throughout the hotel’s decor. It goes particularly well with the original, red brick walls of the structural shell.

Vintage and retro details, whimsically sprinkled here and there throughout the decor composition are quite a clever and artistically inspired touch. It’s like a game what hints from the past will you discover next – especially when they are so, stylishly entwined with modern and trendy interior elements.  Photography by Yevhenii Avramenko;