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G Space Hair Salon by Han Yue Interior Design Co.


In traditional designs the rinse area often been putted in the back of the salon so that the pipes are easier to be arranged. In this project designer reckons that to put the rinse area in the center of the salon could make level and strength by using different plane configuration after discussion. In this case, the space will show different allocated area by the design.

Project description: In addition to this project is a 8 meters site, by using divided districts and putting cubes to make this space more multilevel and functional pleasure. Also, designer by using almost 300 LED bulbs to create the image of hair waves in the air.

Interaction: At the entry we designed a bar in the salon in order to let customers enjoy the comfort and relaxing. We built a hallway to limited the view and create the sense of mystique. In the end of the hallway comes with the specious space. And there are almost 300 LED bulbs to make visual shock.

To knowing the process of service and operators’ demand we adjusted the design to meet their needs. For example, the heights of the work tables are not standard size. We adjusted them to fit operators’ request. And the mirrors are movable in case the operators’ they need a wider space.

Challenge: Lighting is very important for hair salon so we’ve made simulation and tests to ensure the LED lights and working lights won’t affect operators. About energy saving, we adjust the height of air condition duct and use stack effect to cut down the waste of air conditioning.

Design: Han Yue Interior Design Co., Ltd.;Team Members: Ming-Hong Tsai and Zhi-Yin Liao; Project Name: G Space; Category: Commercial, Hair Salon; Photography: Shimmer space photography; Location: Taichung city, Taiwan; Space: 320 sqm