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Multifunctional Space in 16 square meters in Paris


We absolutely adore how the limited urban-living conditions provoke creative and unique solutions in modern interior design. This tiny 16 sqm. Parisian apartment is turned into a highly effective and stylish home-work-studio for two Italian architect – Enrico Bona and Elisa Nobile.

Preserving the spirit of the Le Marais the designer from EDB Studio exposed and gave a strong focal point to some of the original materials and features of the place like the exposed wooden beams on the ceiling introducing a romantic, central Parisian hint to the sleek modern configuration of the decor.

The designers combined this rustic inspiration with ultra-modem and innovative material insertions, covering the minimalist furnishing made by FENIX with an anti-fingertip finish. Its specific properties allow dynamic contemporary solutions like touch to open functions – eliminating handles and at the same time using white as a primary color without fear of stains.

The minimalist and stylish line of the central white box constructs in the limited apartment space hosts hidden niches, folding up beds and mini tables on one side of the structure. On the other side – near the entrance a cozy kitchenette niche is equipped with all necessary commodities for dynamic urban lifestyle: fridge, zing, cooking unite and drawers are compactly arranged in simplistic lined shell.

On the other side of this multi-functional central piece, in front of the charming windows, folding down furniture elements secure stylish and comfortable lifestyle dynamics. A large working table folds up and down, allowing working or leisure activities to take place at the limited apartment’s space.

Playful wall graffiti – a map of the city and its regions, reveals itself on the charcoal wall niche when both beds are pulled down, an artistic and playful touch giving identity to the sleek modern arrangement. A hidden door conceals the bathroom premise and stylish entwinement of white and gray with beautiful, untainted wood furniture elements – as a warm accent – compose a space of simplistic elegance and unexpected contemporary dynamics.